Emotional intelligence: the ability to adapt to any environment

The ability to adapt to any environment

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In both our personal and work lives, we are presented with different challenges on a daily basis.

Every day, we have to make decisions. It makes sense, when making tough decisions, that you do them in emotionally intelligent state. It means the way we think when we are relaxed and have the correct information in front us. Then we make better decisions.

So how do we change or develop a better emotional intelligence to achieve success?

Here are some suggested tools which you can apply to your particular situation:

Prepare, Plan and Research about the topic which you are focusing on – a goal plan-out is over half way completed before you even start if you are spending time to gather the information you need to achieve what you want. In addition, always look to the people that have already achieved what they wanted. I cannot stress this enough, if you want to be the best at what you do, then you need to spend time with people who are going to teach you how to do it. Live and breathe them during the time you spend with them. Then you will learn so much this way.

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Resentment – many thoughts lead to resentment, and in business I hear about it and see this every week. It is not anyone’s fault, but when you resent something, no good can come from your decision making.  Like not paying yourself a wage/salary, this is common mistake many of us make in business.

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Relationships with money – this is an area you need to examine. For a lot of people, it is the relationship with money which keeps them from having. Having is a different mindset to wanting. Focusing and being grateful for what you do have helps you live in the present moment and enables you to move forward in an effective way.

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Deserving – the only difference between you and successful people, is that they believe they deserve what they have. This is a mindset of self-worth. I deserve the best – thinking like that will change decisions you make each day. Getting your thoughts into a deserving state each day will always give you a better approach in your journey to achieving your goal. You have to believe it!

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Valuing – every week I see different people and the biggest mistake a lot of us make is not valuing development time. Stopping what you are doing, analysing what we have done and reviewing what needs to be done in order to improve, is the key ingredient to your own success. But if you don’t value that time then how can it happen? It will not happen until you do this process! So get started today and make the time for you and your plan.

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Think time alpha state: – how geniuses are created – I listened to one of the coaches I follow recently, and he had a lot of interesting things to say about how geniuses are created. First they are not different to me or you. It is only their thinking and how they apply their time in their lives:

When you are doing the things you like in your spare time,

When you value yourself and treat yourself in a good way.

When you allow think time to develop yourself, your ideas and your business.

Thinking time is when you can create a solution to the situation and it is this relaxed state which enables you to make informative decisions.

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All of these ways of thinking involves you changing your belief system. In order to do that you have to examine your current way of thinking, and then apply a dedicated day by day commitment, in order for change to happen, once you start, the rest will come into place for you.


Article author: Lee Kavanagh


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