Resentment in the work place

Resentment in the work place:

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Do you find when you are making a payment or writing a cheque you make a comment to the receiver?

Such as, well at least you’re getting paid?

It is good for some?

Oh no, not more money?

I only just paid you last time?

You may find if you examine your motives for saying such comments, this is a self-worth issue.

You may not be paying yourself a wage or your business is struggling.

Can you imagine for a moment, the impact this has on the people you work with?

And more to the point, how this reflects on your customers?

You may think it has no effect, but it does, your team/staff are bound to feel unappreciated and when this happens, it spills through a business.

This could be one of your issues, as to why the business is not doing so well. Remember what I said about change. It is only small steps toward making a commitment to change. Within yourself, it takes courage, but once you commit and bring in more awareness to your day, the change can happen.

This means you have to set aside time for yourself daily to review what happened, how you deal with an issue when it arises, and how you can better deal with it next time it arises.

Remember, in the mind sate of resentment, you are only reacting not acting – reacting is a negative and you are reacting from your emotions. This is not factual to the current situation.

Acting is a powerful state that is based on your current situation, without the negative emotion.

If you are in a resentment state of mind, the feeling of unhappiness with the current situation is coming from within yourself. You need to examine what it is about yourself and the situation that you would like to change. If you continue doing the same thing, you will get the same results. It is not something magical you need to do. You just need to allow time for yourself to bring the change.

You also need resources, which includes people, your team, books, your surroundings (which I call environment) to bring about this change. Start today. You know you’re worth it!

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