5 sources to achieving better sales

Best 5 sources to achieving better sales

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Everyone wants to have a successful business, more sales and better profits. But are you doing the steps that are needed to achieve this?

A lot of people forget, or in some cases, do not know the basics in order to achieve this.

Sales is a process, and whether it is in retail or business to business, it does not matter what you do, if you do not fully understand the sales process, and how to build better sales, then you will keep getting the same results.

Here are 5 sources that will help you achieve better sales.

It is vital to understand the process, for the benefit of you and your customers.

  1. Understanding the psychology of the sale process – what you are doing and what the customer is doing. Knowing how to communicate is key, also when to listen, when to show the value. Your customers in some cases, need guidance and for you to give the correct value
  2. Preparation – pre and planning your sales meetings or your sales day. Preparing your self is vital, making sure you have all the correct documentation, product knowledge, being able to show your valuable service or product.  Even to allow growth from your staff is key, so giving time to training and making improvements for yourself and your staff is key. Preparation takes time and time is valuable, so when you do more of this, you can give more value to your customers, hence your sales will grow.
  3. Consistency – everything has to have consistency, so when you schedule time for your sales process improvements, make sure it is consistent. Allowing time to market, through a comprehensive marketing mix, always get results.  Applying consistencies for yourself and your time will bring greater and more probable sales. Manage your time, and this will help you be more consistent. Small steps will bring change – remember it is not a yearly or monthly, but a daily commitment of consistent improvements.
  4. Fact find and reviewing – doing a correct fact find with your client is key for both of you. It allows you to give the correct product/service to your customers.  It also gives the best value to your customers because you are truly listening to their needs.  My greatest sales have always come from doing a correct fact find; this is also part of the physiological sales process.  Your customer will always go away feeling appreciated.
  5. Support/customer service – support or customer service, they are both about value. When was the last time you called an old customer? When did you ask for feedback from customers? In fact, do you ever ask your customers would they like you to obtain something that you either do not sell or have in stock? This is the skilful part because being able to listen to your customers will help you change and improve, and in some cases, that can be diversifying part of your business.  Support is asking your customers what they do not like, and what they do like lets them feel valued and gives value to you. Customer service is pertinent to excellence and growing your sales. So allow more time to improve this area, and remember to make it consistent, as part of your weekly or monthly improvement sessions.


Article author: Lee Kavanagh


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