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A Google Adwords campaign was set-up by the company a while back but they did not have a campaign setup. Brand You Creative offered them an audit where we would look at the company’s digital, website, competitors, an in-depth research on their Google Adwords, and what they could achieve with an allocated budget per month.

Brand You and team helped in achieving the audit by setting up the Adwords, fixed the website, and improved the layout. The key focus of the audit was to generate x amount of business so that a new brand can be introduced along with a high end website.

Our first step in the process was to manage Google Adwords which was done by Lee Kavanagh, Managing Director of Brand You resulting in a positive outcome till the fourth month where a lot of business was generated until March 2019 where the budget was required to be decreased which would have a decline in the leads but a funnel coming through.

The client was happy with the end result and gave Brand You a commission to create a new branding that consisted of Naming, New Visual Identity, A high-end Website and Brand Assets.

Hence, it is very important to know Google Adwords as it is for every industry, and it is important to understand the budget to spend and what you can achieve. Below are certain hacks to boost the conversion rate by Google Adwords.

1) Reverse-Engineer the Path of Purchase
Reverse engineering is extracting knowledge or design information from anything man-made and re-producing it or reproducing anything based on the extended information.

2) Use Remarketing as a CRO Tool
Remarketing is an effective way to improve a company’s CRO and helps persuade indecisive visitors to go to their site. Retargeting is the most effective ad display strategy and properly using a tracking code will help in going back to potential customers.

3) Test Your Landing Page Design
The ad copy controls the click-through rate of the company, while the landing page influences the conversion rate. There are different conversion type metrics. The design of the company’s landing page will make all the difference in the brands campaign conversion rate.

4) Align Ad Copy With Landing Pages
If a company wants their Google ad copy to generate the most clicks possible, they have to align it with their landing page. Quality score is vital because it is a key indicator of the past PPC campaign performance as well as it is a great way to predict the performance of the company’ future campaigns.

5) Implement Click-Through Rate Best Practices
Click through rate is a ratio that shows how often the audience see and click on the company’s ads. The more people who click on the ad and visit the landing page, the more people will convert into purchasers. Hence improving the Google Ads conversion rate is more vital than sitting up multiple ads.

Below are a few click-through rate best practices that can be implemented to lower the cost per conversion and boost the company’s sales:
– Use title capitalization in your ad copy
– Consider the marketing search funnel
– Be mindful of your ad placement
-Test different match types

6) Effectively Group and Organizing Keywords
It may be a difficult task to get the Google Ads PPC campaigns organized. But to increase the chances of getting a better conversion rate there are things you can effectively do and organize the keywords.
– Effective structure
– Aim for small ad groups
– Experiment with different ad variations

7) Integrate Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are a smart way to boost a company’s Google Ads conversion rate as it excludes certain search terms from triggering the display of the ad. Emergency Restoration Specialists integrate negative keywords into their ads campaign to generate more leads.

Several case studies state that negative keywords are a smart step to increase the conversion rate and grow revenue.

8) Use a Customer-Focused Approach
Through Google Display Network a company can easily add an audience to the ad groups. The first rule of content marketing is to know the ideal customers and create content around their desires and needs.

For the success of the ads on Google Display Networks the ads need to have the right message, reach the right person at the right time which ideally leads to conversion rate.

Brand You can help you achieve all your business goals. You can contact our company if you are interested in auditing your digital or brand while giving you the feedback but the help of which you can implement it on your brand.  Call us on the above number or email us for your marketing and social media needs. Let’s plan a project together!

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