Are long-tail keywords to your content better?

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Long tail keywords or key phrases are usually longer than more commonly searched words. Long-tail keywords have a higher conversion value but receive less search traffic. A clear vision of the company, product and website can help in yielding a profit from long-tail keyword strategy.

Fewer websites compete for high rankings in the result pages of Google because it is easier to rank long-tail keywords than ordinary keywords. It is easier to rank the terms when they are longer and more specific in search terms.

Focusing on a group of long-tail keywords will help in driving more traffic towards your website and help the company find the audience for their niche. Long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches and build a foundation for an effective SEO strategy as it generates organic traffic to a website.

Few points stating why long-tail keywords are essential to make your content better.

a) Aids in outranking the competition
Long-tail keywords with and without on-page optimization are impacted more than single-word terms which means that long-tail keywords are the way to overtaking the competition.

b) Audiences search the internet through long-tail keywords
The main point of Google search business is to provide the users with the correct information based on the searches. Mobile site optimization is the latest trend in SEO and with an additional word display, long-tail keywords are an even more important part of mobile site optimization.

c) Better Conversion Rates
The top 10% of landing pages convert at 11.45% and the average conversion rate for long-tail keywords is 36%. Long-tail keywords solidify the conversion rate optimization funnel through organic search traffic.

d) Helps in ranking for single keywords
Each company wants to rank high in the Search Engine Result pages for short keywords and long-tail keywords help us accomplish this.

e) Fuels the company’s blog strategy
Blog is the best way to rank higher in Search Engine Result pages as it is the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. To be effective, long-tail keywords require to utilize the right context within the URL, title tag and body text and for more visibility using the correct keywords in images and headers also helps in optimizing the site for SEO.

f) Strong conversion funnel build through ranking
Long-tail keywords help in building a conversion funnel that can be helpful in a blog. Generating leads and traffic to the website is a top marketing challenge faced by companies. Through the funnel, customers will be provided with information that will help in building their trust.

g) Focus on long-tail keywords to answer voice assistant searches
According to a survey, there are currently 8.3 million smart speakers in the market and the voice assistant market is expected to reach 30 million but end of 2020. It’s a sign of a new age where devices are making searches for the audience. Consumers are using voice assistants to search for books and music, while controlling their smart home devices and consuming news.

h) Posts focused on long-tail keywords provide more value
Long-tail keywords strengthen the SEO and CRO efforts while ensuring that the page provides real value to the readers. The key to content marketing is providing value to its readers. Videos, infographics apps and personalization are important but web pages need to gain organic traffic which will be attained by providing real value to satisfy their need.

Keyword research is the foundation for a company’s entire marketing strategy. Regardless of the digital marketing strategy, the company should focus on effectively researching long-tail keyword trends to beat its competition. Want to be the king of content? We can help you achieve it, Call us on the above number or email us for your marketing and social media needs. Let’s plan a project together!

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