Best Digital Marketing Practices in 2019

  1. Improving website & SEO
  2. Moving into 10 sec. ads
  3. Social Media Influencers
  4. Mobile marketing

Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time to prepare for a new year in 2019. This is an opportunity to review your website, SEO and your Digital Marketing strategies.

Improving your Website & SEO

Is your website still relevant to your target audience and where does your business rank in search engine results?  Using a checklist will answer this question.

  • Examining the content keywords and SEO rankings of the top five competitive websites on Google will determine your engine positioning strategy. Using and will help improve your positioning on your social media platforms.
  • Keyword research will keep your site competitive. See what keywords your competitors are using and list them to see how many search engine queries and websites are competing for each keyword.
  • In order to assess your future rankings start an excel spread sheet and check on a weekly basis and as time goes by and you feel more confident, analyse on a monthly basis. As your keywords become more relevant your website traffic should improve.
  • Defining your objectives in advance is an important step and should not be ignored, as you can accurately measure your ROI from any program you initiate. You may want to increase your website traffic from 100 visitors a day to 200 in a specific period. By concentrating on specific pages you will improve products, services and business sales.

Moving into 10 second ads

Video has become an integral part of any successful advertising marketing campaign, however, the younger generations attention span has got shorter as the technology gets faster. Some research suggests that consumers attention spans are on average eight seconds, shorter than a Gold Fish !

It’s a challenge for marketers to produce a short video, at the same time, making a lasting impression.

Jaclyn Rose, marketing lead at G2 Crowd states that “the 10 second video is the step-in-the-door, that will turn video viewers into interested buyers.”

They can serve as a sort of ‘ elevator pitch’ intended to entice the audience in continuing to learn more about what a brand has to offer, according to Rose.

Short videos can tell a longer story

Your video should get straight to the point within the first 5 seconds. It should spark curiosity by including teasers and show the audience, ‘why am I watching this?’ Will it make them laugh , inspire them or show them something new. If so you have accomplished your message, leading your audience to make further  enquiries.

Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers can be the gateway to your target audience. Firstly, what is an influencer? Quite simply is someone who carries great influence throughout social media who can build trust and drive engagement. It is important, therefore, to work with influencers who are in line with your business.

When considering finding a suitable influencer consider the tree R’s of Influence:

  • Relevance: The influencer is sharing content that has an audience relevant to your business
  • Reach: Maximizing the amount of people you can reach through the influencers fan base which will bring value to your business.
  • Resonance: The possible level of engagement the influencer can create that relates to your brand.

Trust is key. Your audience must approve of the influencers opinion. This can be built by the amount of engagement they have through a good view count, likes, comments and shares.

Reaching out to an influencers.

Messaging them directly is a good start, possibly by email. Write a personal message showing that you have done some research on them, which will show you are serious about working together and hopefully strike up a long lasting working relationship.

Offer them something of value, such as information which they may not of been aware of. This shows trust and commitment.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the practice of multi channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience who utilise; smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, via, websites, SMS, Social Media and apps.

Best Practices

Be Clear

Mobile devices tend to have small screens, so when marketing, words should be limited and cluttered and numerous advertisements will result in a high bounce rate and customers will scroll past your site. So less is more. Keep it simple.

Target Local

One in three mobile searches are for local businesses and services. Users are searching for information around their local area. Where is the nearest Petrol Station? Where is a nearby Coffee Shop that has WiFi ? So try to connect with local users.

Use Different Strategies

Experimenting when it comes to mobile marketing will keep you ahead of your competition, for instance, test out ad extensions with Google Ads Enhanced Campaigns. Try Google offers Ad Extensions or Click to Call and see how they work for you.

Track your results and see what works and what doesn’t.

We mentioned 10 second videos earlier, this is rapidly becoming the norm so you have the opportunity to make an impact in a very short period on your target audience.

Rather than using email campaigns, try Chatbot platforms where you can prepare questions and answers to guide your customers to your product without you actually being there. Very exciting. (

By reviewing your website and sprucing up your Digital Marketing you should have a very prosperous 2019. We can help you, Plan a project with us

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