Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Learn Facebook advertising in Texas

As of the third quarter 2018 Facebook had a monthly base of 2.27 billion users, so there is a good possibility that your target audience has a presence on this site.

This makes Facebook very attractive as an advertising platform, and it happens to have many solutions to help you engage with your audience, however some social marketers are unsure what will be the most effective advertising platform for their brand.

Facebook have ‘paid’ advertising solutions and to help determine the best solution, certain criteria should be in place to create an advertising campaign:

  1. Choosing a business page template ( free with Facebook) for your business
  2. Get familiar and begin with Facebook Ads
  3. Choosing an objective for your campaign
  4. Using Ad Sets to create a budget
  5. Choosing your specific target audience
  6. Where is your ad to be displayed
  7. What type of ad do you want to create relative to your business

Creating your Facebook Business Page

You need to set up your business page if you want to advertise on Facebook. Now that you have set up your template business page you can create a business profile to show your audience what your business is about so they can engage with you.

The first thing you will be asked is what business category your business fits into.

Some businesses jump straight in and start promoting their site. With foresight its probably sensible to hold back and build your followers and engage with your target audience first. This will indicate what market you should target and how much of your budget should be allocated for advertising.

Choosing your Objective

There are several options that Facebook offer with different outcomes:

  • Get people to visit your website through ‘Clicks’ to your website
  • Get page ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ to grow your audience and get your brand recognised
  • Call to action, getting people to take actions on your site. Also known as website conversions
  • Promote an event and increase your traffic

Setting Your Budget

Having chosen your objective/s in your advertising campaign you need to install Ad Set which is where you set your budget. A budget can be set on a daily, weekly or on a long term basis and advertisers can select their own advertising  starting and ending dates.

Having determined your budget selecting your target audience is the next step.

Targeting Your Facebook audience

You can spend loads of money on your campaign with all the bells and whistles, but if you aren’t hitting your target audience, your money will be wasted. If you concentrate on specific areas related to your business you are more likely to engage with your target market. Here are some ways you can categories your audience on Facebook:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Education Level
  • Relationship Status
  • Political Views
  • Whether or not they are connected to your page

Once you have established your audience you can choose where to place your advertisement. There are many options on Facebook, for example:

Newsfeed Advertisement

News Feed post is the most eye catching on the Facebook placements. They appear seamlessly on a users feed with their friends content and followers, and can be ‘Liked ‘ and commented on as in any other post.

Mobile News Feed Advertisements

Mobile devices are responsible for a changing trend towards internet traffic. Facebook stated that there were over one billion active monthly users in 2018. Is your company using a mobile friendly site, if so is it your site appealing and engaging, if not, your advertising campaign needs to be  reviewed, as this is where the majority of your traffic will pass through.

What are the different types of posts available to you as an advertiser, here are a few possibilities as suggested by Facebook;

Page Post Engagements

Page post engagements can promote your photos, videos, and links to your website to a larger audience and enhance audience engagement through ‘Likes’, shares and comments. These are the most popular ads to drive traffic to your posts.

Clicks on your website

Similar to Page Post Engagement ads, clicks concentrate on driving traffic to your website  and also have the option to have ‘A Call To Action’ button, which will build your customer base and increase engagement.

Website Conversations

For these ads to be effective, Facebook Conversion Pixel needs to be added onto your website. This will inform Facebook what exactly you want to optimize your ads for, for instance; leads, checkouts or registrations.


Advertising free offers on your business page is always going to be attractive and will drive traffic to your site and increase engagements. This may take the form of a free training module, to continue you would subscribe to the remainder of the online course.

You could also offer free information and templates relating to your industry, such as network marketing. This can help build your customer base and build trust with your followers.

Once you have attracted new customers through Facebook Advertising, building customer relationships and trust, requires engaging and fresh content in your advertising campaigns.

Be different and creative and see the results grow.

It will be worth it. Need a helping hand to guide you with Facebook?

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