What Is PPC? Basics of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay per click

Pay-per-click marketing in Texas

Welcome to SEO tips by The SEO tip we want to discuss today is using pay per click campaigns to help the search engine optimization (SEO) and organic traffic of your website. For example, Setting up a pay per click campaign on Google or Yahoo will help you identify what key words are working and what key words are not working. You can then take the key words that are working and incorporate them into your website and discard the ones that are not. 

You don’t have to spend a huge volume of money or time on the pay per click campaign. a simple campaign for example over a couple of weeks or months  would give you a lot of information  about the main key words that you should be targeting . As mentioned, once you have identified these key words, it should then be incorporated into the body text of your site, into the URLs, into the menu system and so forth.

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