What is Internet marketing?

What is Internet marketing

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Internet marketing, online marketing or E-marketing refers to using technology of Internet, websites, e-mails, SMS and whatever the variety of options for achieving the marketing objectives of an organization. As a whole internet marketing tools include business websites, search engines, emails, online newsletters, online customer service, online advertising methods, affiliate marketing, online communities, web logs, online surveys etc.

Simply it’s an application used in gaining profits via electronic commerce. For example, using websites to display and sell your products, online surveys to conduct market research, internet advertising to promote your business, software to collect and analyze online customer information are the applications of internet marketing. The objectives of organizations by internet marketing can be simply explained as “getting the right product, in the right way, in the suitable price, from the suitable place considering profitability”. Internet marketing consists of the main three areas web marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Web marketing has the other applications of e-commerce web sites, affiliated marketing web sites, informative websites, online advertising and Search Engine Optimization. E-commerce websites include sites facilitating commercial transactions taking place via World Wide Web (ex: –, E-Bay). Affiliate marketing is where you refer customers to other businesses via links to their websites from your website or blog. Receiving commissions for each customer directed to another online business is a special trait of affiliate marketing.

Different companies use different affiliate strategies like commission based, flat-fee based, and click-through based, or banner impression based types. Affiliate marketing is beneficial for increasing sales, minimizing operating costs and for making internet you sales team. Online advertising is majorly focused on banner advertising which are images placed at a prominent place of a website to catch the customer’s eye and, prompt them to click on it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website address or URL as close as possible to the top of the file search results when someone uses search engines to search products or services. There are many specific steps to follow for SEO to get high rankings of search engines. Using descriptive web page title, descriptive URLs purchasing alternate web page names, using proper meta-tags, visiting your own link in results of search engines can improve the rank.

Email marketing is based on email campaigns targeting emails that work much like conventional direct mail campaigns. They come in various forms such as direct emails, newsletters, newsgroups, and press releases. A sharp line separate’s email marketing from spam. Basically email marketing is solicited emails and spam is non-solicited emails. Newsletters are emails distributed by a company announcing sales, specials, schedules, events, product releases and other information. Another type is Opt-out emails which are sent to target groups who have shown an interest in a specific topic.

Social media marketing includes both marketing and advertising efforts taken via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Viral marketing is also a part of social media marketing which is a technique that encourages people to pass along a marketing message by word-of-mouth (email forward). It is a method of creating positive brand awareness of consumers via social networks.

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