Want to know how to get customers in Dublin and Cork? Or any part of the country?

Do Want to know how to get customers in Dublin and Cork?

I can show you how to do it. Last week Jonathan had made 3 appointments for me in Cork and this week he has made 3 appointments in Dublin.

Ok, the appointments are just part of the process there are many tools needed to be able to get the business. First you have to show value and then you need the structures and procedures internally to be able to get the new business. Your service and product needs to be valuable to the potential customer and than you can close the sale.

But I like to rewind back to the making of the appointment … this is a skill and it requires coaching and training to do right. I have been coaching Jonathan over the past month and he has really excelled in his appointment making skills. Why is that? Because he listens and trains every day. The results show how BrandYoudigitalagencyie can help you and your company in many areas of improvement. Would you like to know more? Plan a Project With Us

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