Understanding Branding And Its Importance For Marketing A Product Or Service

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Branding is a crucially important aspect of your marketing strategies. Assigning a brand isn’t just limited to a slogan, symbol, name, design or sign or the combination of these elements which help in identifying the services or the products of a company as it was in earlier times. In today’s times, it is much more than that. It is much more complex and in fact is a moving target which evolves with the behavior of the consumers. It is understood that a customer would, of course, think about your products or services when they hear the name of your company. This is the where assigning a brand name comes into the picture.

Objectives of a Good Brand

Branding isn’t just where the target audience would choose you over your competitor. In fact, it is about to make your prospective customers notice you as the sole provider of a solution to their needs.  A good brand is one that: 

  • Motivates the buyer to make a purchase
  • Delivers the message very clearly
  • Asserts your credibility
  • Is able to create user loyalty
  • Can connect the prospective customers to the products or services emotionally

Advantages of Branding

Assigning a brand name has, of course, several benefits. Listed below are a few of them.

Helps In Creating Customer Preference for a Service or Product

The abundance of choice often confuses the customers. One of the ways in which the customers can deal with this is by having a preference for a brand which they know they can trust. Popular brands are often regarded as less risky to purchase and provide the peace of mind that the product or service is going to perform as expected.

Aids in Increasing the Revenue and the Market Shares

A company can utilize the power of their brand in several ways. Co-branding, entering new geographical markets and segments, brand licensing or gaining new distribution can help a company to increase their revenues efficiently.

Helps In Providing a Stable Asset

Out of all the other assets, a brand name is a stable asset. The company might be bought or sold over time, the services or products might evolve, the technologies change rapidly, but, it is the brands which can stand through all the changes. It is for this reason that brands are considered as one of the most sustainable assets of any company.

Branding Sets Expectations

The world we live in today is based upon promises. Everybody right from the airline mechanic to the restaurants to teachers promise to deliver something. Of course, there are legal repercussions of which people are bound so as to fulfill the promises that they have made. But, these promises are more than often based on the ethical and moral code of an individual. Branding sets an unspoken contract for a company, therefore, are bound to deliver what they promise.

Apart from these, there are various other reasons too why a company should care about assigning a brand. In fact, in today’s competitive market, it has become even more important as it would provide a reason for your customers to be attracted to and trust your brand. 

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