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What is POSD? Passion, Ownership, Structure and Dynamics.

We all know we need the basics to succeed in business; this is the area where we look at the basics with you and identify weakness you may be experiencing. Then we can coach or work with you to put the POSD back into your business. This then will enable you to have all your basics in place internally and externally for your brand marketing & PR sales web media & social media strategies.

You will need:

Passion – You need to have passion for the business and in what you are doing.  If you are not passionate about your business how would you expect your customers to be passionate about buying from you?

Ownership –ownership comes from passion. When you care about what you are doing then this shows your core values and the clients in turn will see these values for themselves.

This process gives confidence and clarity to whatever you are doing.

Structure – Following on from your passion and ownership, you can implement the correct structure & procedures needed for the success of your business.

Dynamics – (motion = Emotion connected to your passion).the final part is your dynamics. This comes from the three previous areas. Now you can implement the dynamics you need to get the job done in all areas of your business.

The POSD is a formula for success for your business; it is for you to look at all areas of your business internally and externally including your employees. In business today we all can get bogged down and this can create a negative approach towards business.

As a business coach, I would say that when you are doing what you love, it is no longer work. Indeed, even removing the word ‘work’ can have positive effects. Words are powerful. They can have a forward moving motion or can have a restraining effect.

We should be working on the business instead of in the business. Having worked as a business coach down through the years, I see that by creating and becoming aware of your passion you can take ownership of your business. This will in turn help you understand all areas, so that you can put the structure in place that is needed to move forward with the correct dynamics of company/business.

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