How to optimize your website for SEO practices to improve your digital marketing

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In today’s digital environment, SEO is an important topic on every small business owner’s mind. This is because most consumers are surfing search engines to find and gain knowledge about brands, products and services that they require. Increasing SEO results depends on a certain number of factors. Below are a few points to improve your brand’s SEO ranking.

  • Begin with an SEO website audit

If you want to know the most optimum way to increase your website’s SEO, it is important to begin with an SEO website audit. The audit will help identify the website’s strengths and weaknesses which will help in making strategic improvements.

The audit involves examining the website structure, information architecture and existing content. A SEO audit utilizes a number of tools to identify the areas of the website. Brands usually choose to work with experienced SEO agencies that can help them with the technical SEO jargons.

  • Improve site navigation

Search engines such as Google want to provide their users the best possible experiences, hence they reward sites that provide a positive user experience (UX).  Part of positive user experience is to make sure that the site is easy to navigate.

If a user finds the site difficult they are most likely to leave it which will impact the bounce rate and the amount of time the visitors spend on the site as well as the number of pages they view which indirectly affects the search engine ranking. The most important rule of navigation is to never make a page more than 3 clicks away.

  • Fix duplicate content

Duplicate content issues can impact the SEO efforts. Search engines like Google reward those sites that have unique content. Hence it’s important to check your website regularly for duplicate content. The most common duplicate issue is multiple versions of the same page and Google recognizes these duplicate sites as two different pages with identical content.

Another common issue is when your site content is similar to other site pages.It is important to locate and fix this content to ensure that it does not penalize the SERP rankings.

  • Optimize the website for mobile

Mobile site optimization is no longer optional since Google penalizes sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. This is because 55% of all searches come from mobile devices as consumers rely on sites like Yelp and Google maps etc to identify local businesses that can serve their needs.

It is important to make your content available to the target audience when they need it, hence mobile optimization is a requirement.

  • Optimize site for speed

Site speed is an important factor that Googles algorithm takes into consideration when ranking the site on its SERP. The longer it takes for a page to load a consumer will get more frustrated which may cause them to visit the competitors website.

To improve a website’s bounce rate and SERP ranking some changes are required to be made to improve the site’s speed. Few factors such as Image File Size, Browser caching and script handling.

  • Produce high quality content that adds value

Consistent, high quality content plays a vital role in increasing SEO results. The content shouldn’t just be well-written and researched but should be useful to the target audience. If the content does not provide value to the readers it will decrease the SEO.

Creating a business blog will help in posting regular blog articles about relevant topics to the industry. The first step to optimizing quality content is keyword research followed by incorporating images to the content.

  • Insert and improve metadata

It is important to insert metadata or improve the existing metadata on the pages to increase the SEO results of the website pages. There are some elements to consider when optimizing the metadata such as title, description, and tags.

  • Include inbound and outbound hyperlinks

To increase SEO results, linking is an important method. The best way to increase numbers is links back to your content  by writing content that is worth linking to. The more  valuable the content, the more likely the other sites will link back to your content.

Anytime you have the opportunity to link to a relevant page or blog within your content, you should do so as it will help in increasing the SEO results and will guide the readers to other content that they might find helpful. Need help optimising your SEO, Call us on the above number or email us for your marketing and social media needs. Let’s plan a project together!

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