Sean Kennedy

BrandYou Digital Marketing agency, also known as a premier Fitness Marketing Agency in USA, partnered with Sean Kennedy Fitness to deliver a stunning website for fitness Agency. The project was aimed at showcasing the brand’s expertise, services, and motivational content effectively.

Our team incorporated responsive website for health, intuitive navigation, and engaging visuals, helping Sean Kennedy provide a seamless online experience for visitors, encouraging them to explore its fitness programs and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Client Sean Kennedy Fitness is an online 1 to 1 personal training service where everything regarding the customer’s plans is completely personalised and crafted towards fulfilling their health goals. This online coaching service was founded by Sean Kennedy in 2019 when he received a certificate in level 3 fitness instructor and level 4 personal training. Sean offers a premium service that is completely confidential in regard to all personal information that is provided by their customers.

Type of business Health and Fitness, Premium Online Coaching.

Services provided – Project based consulting and coaching


  • Client

    Sean Kennedy

  • Industry

    Health and Fitness

  • Timeline

    12 Weeks

Sean Kennedy Fitness

Our Process

We created a personal training and coaching website for Sean to provide his tailored training plans. We began auditing 3 competitors and how his brand is performing in the industry. Following the audit, we laid out a 3-month plan on how he will approach his clients in a set budget and put across his personalized training platform. For his website, we created engaging content and imagery that would attract the audience and lead them into signing up. We set up his Google and social media platforms, integrated the payment methods for his advertisement and provided a social calendar with engaging content. Additionally, we set up the digital reporting system where he could track the brand’s performance, measurements and KPIs. We guided him in understanding the website functioning by providing a CMS manual and helped him comprehend his market and how to penetrate the minds of their target market. Timeline – 12 weeks all completed. 

What we provided

• Personal Training and Coaching

• Website Platform
• Marketing Strategy
• Audit
• Research
• 3-month plan
• Content creation
• Social media
• Google AdWords
• Digital Reporting set up software
• Marketing guidelines and recommendations

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