How to monitor and manage an outsourced business development strategy

There are many ways people measure a successful business but for me there is a set of measuring tools I use:

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1. How a company deals with an issue – have you ever had a company who does not return your calls or deal with you in a professional manner? This is a sure sign about their structures and procedures. It usually comes from the owner or the person running the business. This is the first sign for you to watch out for.

2. Value for money – when you value someone’s time you will always give your best, after many years of meetings with people I have come to learn that if a person gives you free information and is willing to give a solution to an issue then they are worth doing business with. The saying goes “The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed”.

3. Attention to detail – This is so important and when developing any business you need to have hands on at all times. For me going to my client is a key part of our business development. You need to learn about the business activities and be constantly up to date with changes in the market, industry and most important business is changing day by day so to be with your customers is key.

4. Getting the job done – ideas importantly and delivering is a set of rules I apply to my business and clients businesses. Why? Because getting the job done is key to any strategy and marketing. I hear so many stories of business owners not hearing back from people who have promised to deliver and not done so. When starting a new business development strategy always take small steps and give one small task and see how the company deal with that project from start to finish. This is a good indicator how they will deal with you.

5. Creative and innovative ideas – New creative ideas are always what help develop your company, you cannot grow anything without creativity and so many people are lacking this tool within their business. Creative ideas can only come from what I call development sessions, analysing data and working with a team where new ideas can come to you. Taking the time out of your normal routine is key – sitting down and having development and creative sessions is not only good for your business but also good fun too. Remember your building a company why would you not be enjoy what you’re doing? Positive and good environments always attract people and give them a good experience.

So as you can see if you’re in the process of a business development strategy or are thinking of growing your business it’s important you choose the right company to help you do this. Knowing how people will deal with you, and value your business is key. My motto is if I work with a company I treat it as if it’s my own so in turn I give respect and value. We all need to improve and having good people/ team is important. Reliability, consistency and trust is what we need from people and if you can get the balance correct you can grow your business to the way you would like to see it.

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