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Brands know how important social media is to increase their engagement with the audience. If the brand is shouting out into the abyss and rarely taking time to truly interact with their current and potential followers, they are missing out on opportunities to increase their social media engagement.

But when brands interact daily, they are building the relationships that can drive conversions and profits. In an ever-changing world of social media, when people do not engage with the brand’s content on their social media platforms it gets very frustrating for the brand.

Engagements and interactions can come in various forms such as likes, comments, shares and retweets and these forms have realtime value as they indicate the level of target audience awareness and engagement. Engagement not only shows that your audience is listening but it also opens the door for the brand to build a sense of community with their following.

Engagement allows the brand to develop long lasting relationships with the online community and will help the brand drive business. Organic engagement is also important as it is more likely to convert to leads.

Through organic engagement there are more views and traffic to the brand’s page and it also indicates that the page is sharing quality content which means that the page gets a higher ranking.

There are many ways to increase engagement but the brand needs to put in time and effort on their social media platforms to get people to engage. The brand needs to care about their audience and need to be genuinely trying to help them, provide solutions and try to connect with them on a personal level.

As a business, a brand needs to earn its place in the communities where it seeks acceptance. Once the brand gets on a roll and starts to figure out how to connect with their target audience, what they are looking for and how the brand can be of service to them, the engagement will come naturally.

Interactions start slow, but over time with some elbow grease, strategy thinking and continued efforts, the engagement will begin and from there it will get easier. Utilize the strategies to increase social media engagement while improving the awareness of your brand.

  1. Layout the brand goals and objectives

Having a solid plan, objectives and goals are imperative if the brand wants to jumpstart their social media strategy. Strategies cannot be measured and evolved over time if the brand does not have strong goals to begin with. The social media goals should align with the brands overall marketing efforts.

The brand should write down their goals as it is a paramount if they want to reach them. According to a recent study, a brand is 30% more likely to be successful if they write down their goals. When the brand sets their goals, they should be attainable and should be broken down into smaller actionable steps.

For the goals to be more attainable and perform well on social media the strategy should use numbers, set deadlines, be specific and ensure that the goals are in line with the entire marketing strategy.

  1. Research and learn about the audience

Connecting and engaging with the audience is crucial in today’s marketing world if the company wants to earn a profit. But in order to do that, the brand needs to understand the audience thoroughly. The brand should be able to pinpoint the audience’s needs, wants and desires if they have a hope of creating a successful social media strategy.

Brands can better understand their audience by surveying them to grasp a better understanding of them; look carefully at their demographics, while being a part of conversations on forums which have the target audience. Brands should respond to comments on blogs and commenting on other blogs with the same target audience.

They should reply to all comments and questions on their social media platforms and collect feedback which will help them make changes to their platforms. Once the brand gets a feel for who their target audience is, they are better equipped to help them. Audiences want a business that cares, not a faceless brand.

  1. Run contests to amp up the social media strategy

Crafting a successful social media contest is one of the most alluring tactics brands can use to increase their online visibility, followers and engagement. The key to executing a successful contest is offering something of tremendous value to the audience.

While running a contest it is important to figure out the goals and the social media channel to host the contest on. It is important to come up with a deadline for when the contest ends and when the winner will receive the prize.

Promotion is the most essential part as it will help drive the audience towards the brand and increase engagement. To achieve mind blowing results, the brand should aim to have their audience do some fun activities.

  1. Craft the social media content carefully

Every piece of content on the brand’s social media should be carefully thought through. Depending on the social network the brand is posting on, they’ll need to learn their various purposes such as LinkedIn is a professional network that is perfect for B2B audiences whereas Facebook is good for news and entertainment related content.

Instagram is perfect if the content is highly visual as brands can share images and short videos to engage and Pinterest is similar to Instagram as it is highly visual and seriously effective at driving traffic back to the blog. Once the brand learns about the networks, they can focus on which ones will work best for the business.

A major component of excelling a social media strategy is using the right words. The way the brand gets the message across will depend on the social network they are posting the content on. To craft captivating content on social media it is important to address the audience directly, use snappy or intriguing hooks to begin the social media posts.

If the brand perfects their social media content, they will see higher engagement rates, more followers and generate more leads.

  1. Take advantage of video content in your social media

There are loads of different ways to use video content in a brand social media strategy. Live videos allow brands to connect with their audience in an authentic way which is not possible in other content forms. People engage by asking questions so the brands can show them that they are not just a brand, but by interacting with them during and after the live video.

The audiences will see that the business cares which will bring in more results. A combination of live videos and regularly recorded videos is the best to obtain results.

  1. Create mind-blowing images

Creating mind-blowing images for social media is top-priority for any brand. Tools like Canva or Picmonkey can help in crafting alluring images to wow the audience. Graphics should be used for cover photos for each social media platform and the dimensions for these will fluctuate over time.

It is important that the brand does their research when creating the graphics to find the right sizes for social media images. Every brand’s images and graphics will differ but it is imperative that they are cohesive with the brand values and always eye-catching.

  1. Use the right tools

The tools the business chooses will determine the strength of the entire social media marketing strategy. Finding the right tools will help ensure that the strategy runs effortlessly.

The brand should decide which social media automation tool they should be using to schedule their social content. For brands to avoid that drowning feeling in an overwhelming amount of information, they should look into social media management tools to manage everything for them.

Whether a brand uses 1 or 5 tools, it comes down to personal preferences, budget and how serious they are about creating a cutting edge social media marketing strategy.

  1. Promotion is key to a strategy

The brand can create the most mind-blowing, quality content on the web but if nobody sees it, they are not going to get any results. It is vital that brands use automation tools on social media platforms to increase their engagement on social media strategy.

Through promotion, the number of people who see the content will increase and it will help to skyrocket the website traffic and income. Creating outstanding and diverse content for social media is crucial but promotions should not be overlooked.

Social media marketing can be hard work but the benefits are difficult to ignore. If the brand does not take it seriously, they’ll undoubtedly miss out on leads, customers, online visibility and sales. Using the tips to fine-tune the social media marketing strategy will help create a winning strategy.

Social networks are literally made for conversing with others and if brands don’t make their audience a top-priority then results will not be seen. Want to be the top search on all digital platforms?  Call us on the above number or email us for your marketing and social media needs. Let’s plan a project together!

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