How to Promote your Business on Facebook

Learn Facebook marketing in USA

Grow your brand through word-of-mouth marketing – intensified by the massive reach and scale of social media. We are available to work with you through building strategic promotions that will help you build your audience. We set up a content calendar that timely fit topics for discussion and connect with your target’s interests. We can help you boost your numbers of loyal customers through social media marketing program that truly connects. The majority of prospects are using social media to some degree, whether it’s connecting with friends, watching videos or sharing experiences.

Facebook is one of the social networks that just not provides connecting you to your friends, family and colleagues but also in-house games such as Pet Society, Restaurant City way back 2009 and many more. Yes, Facebook games is still ranking nowadays and billion active users are posting their statuses every single day.

As you can see, Facebook is also now a tool to market a business. This social network had improved throughout the years and you wish these improvements and options is already available way back then. Facebook allows businesses to promote their products and interact with their respective clients. How can you do this? The answer is easy. Facebook offers many tools. In order to be successful using Facebook as a marketing tool, one should have a great understanding of the three particular tab in Facebook – Facebook Page, Facebook Groups and Facebook Ads. Let us discuss this on a very simple way. Like what Facebook Business says, There’s a Facebook business tool for every business goal”

Facebook Page: “Liking” your page is the first step of engagement

Facebook; a billion active users, a billion marketing opportunity. With more than one billion monthly active users, Facebook is still arguably the best social media platform for marketers. Flaunt your brand in the world’s most influential social network to get your business to the end goal. It all started with a LIKE.

Where to start? Facebook offers every user a Facebook Page. We can set up a Facebook Page particularly suits for your business and this is for free. This is to create your business’ profile on Facebook and will surely strengthen your brand. People uses Facebook Account while businesses, products and services are all fit to Facebook Page.

Facebook is a must for business of all sizes. Every businesses would like to have a Facebook presence today. Our team can assist you creating your spot on Facebook and start growing your audience there. A good profile page can help you market directly to the customers that are most interested in your products or services. Facebook page is a gateway for businesses to market among this holy grail of users. We can be connected to them using your Facebook page by updating current customers and prospects with the changes in your brand or just simply promoting your brand. You can use your Facebook Page to not only share your company information, but also to post photos, videos, applications, and messages. Any activity that you perform on your Facebook Page is then broadcast into the mini-feeds of your followers. Facebook Pages allow businesses to collect “fans” the way celebrities, sports teams, musicians and politicians do.  Businesses can claim a vanity address so that their Facebook address reflects the business name, like Facebook pages can link to the company’s Web site or direct sales to e-commerce sites.

From social promotions, our Facebook marketing specializes in employing engaging social marketing tactics to boost your presence on social media and increase brand awareness to your target audience. Your Facebook Page, when done correctly, can be used to bring in new customers as well as to help you maintain current customer relationships.

There are things to keep in mind when you are creating Facebook Page, there are categories that will help you to be more customized and precise. Whether your business is about:

  • A Local Business
  • A Brand or a Product
  • An Artist, Band, or a Public Figure

Under this category you’ll be able to complete your business’ “basic information”, “detailed information”, and your “contact information”.  Before you hit save, please be guided that you cannot change your page type any longer. You may want to make sure you select the correct category to be displayed in. Start establishing your business presence on Facebook.

We can also set up your advertisements to specific demographics: gender, age, location, interest, etc. If your product is for teen girls, we can set up the preferred ads shown to female between ages 14-19.

Another edge of Facebook marketing is, Facebook is the new TV! There is one survey reveals that 80% of people who are watching TV are doing something else on their laptops, tablets and smartphone. This is termed as “Second screen”. Facebook is very interactive. It allows audience to interact with your brand. Unlike TV commercial.

If you’re done creating a page, it’s time to share! In order to build up followers you’ll need to create worthwhile, interesting content for your fans. (The ones who liked your Business Page). Users who like your page will see your posts show up in their main Facebook news feed, so get ready. You can share updates, photos, videos, promotions and a lot more. We have a specialized team tailored in creating good content specifically suits your brand. The most successful Facebook posts – the ones that drive the most people to comment, share and like – are short and visual. Look for authentic ways to add an element to your posts, whether it’s a short video clip, a photo from inside your store, feedback photos from your own clients or just stock art.

Facebook’s Page Insights tool helps take the guesswork out of sharing. The tool, accessible from your Facebook Page’s Admin menu, provides valuable information on follower activity. For example, it can tell you what time most people view your content so you can plan your promotions.

When you already master the essence of sharing, better make connections. What the use of a nice content if you doesn’t have any audiences? Facebook Page have a powerful tool called “Build Audience”, located at Page Admin Menu. It gives relevant information on follower activity. For example, it can tell you what time most people view your content so you can plan your promotions.

Facebook Group

Facebook Group have some similarity with Facebook Page. But unlike Facebook Page, groups are being manipulated by group of people. This set of people connects to one another for one main interest, for example the group is all about Buy and Sell in Dublin. These people are near or inside Dublin community and they are opt to buy and sell. You will gain more exposure from a Facebook Page, because it can be seen by unregistered users, but a group page can only be seen by registered Facebook users. Groups can also be set up publicly, closed and secretly. When you are part of a certain groups, you can start sharing whatever is in your page or your start promoting your own brand, products and services in that group. A good content would also attract new clients and keep current customers, this is also provided by our team. To assist you with every step towards your business’ success.

Recognize Facebook Ads

Facebook also offers traditional advertising options that let you position your custom ads in users’ news feeds. The ads appear as promotional posts and direct anyone who clicks straight to your website. Because Facebook collects heaps of user data, it can target your advertisement to users who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. The platform also features an analytics tool to help you understand which ads drive interest and sales. 


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