How to improve your day and get the job done


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  1. Your surroundings – it’s important to make sure your work space, office desk etc are clean and not cluttered.  It’s important to see and feel your end results. You can have a written statement to yourself on the wall. Photos of people who inspire you. Quotes anything that brings a good feeling to your work space is only going to help you to motivate yourself more.
  2. Remove blame – never blame anyone or anything for your situation. This only dis-empowers you and does not motivate you in anyway. So if you find yourself doing this then shift your focus onto what you can do to change the situation in that moment.
  3. Shifting your focus – always focus on the goal, end result in each particular situation that arises. Focusing on the one task to complete and removing all other thoughts help you get the job done and will even surprise yourself at the end out come.
  4. Emotional state – this is the key and something you need to be aware of all the time. It’s important when you drive a car that you know how to drive because you get to your destination when you know where you are going. Emotions are the same if you are aware then your outcome for that day depends on your ability to use the correct emotions to get the outcome you would like.
  5. Acknowledging your achievements – this is key to valuing yourself and what you do, it is important that you do this for yourself every day. Even in each situation you tackle when you give yourself a pat on the back this creates a good feeling and helps move to the next task with good mind-set.
  6. Small steps – in your approach having in your mind everything that needs to be done only slows you down. Every great thing or person which has ever been created is not by anything amazing or big it is done by taking small steps but being consistent is the key tool. Practise and showing up even when you don’t feel like doing it, once you start the rest will fall into place.

How to get the job done


  1. Plan and set up – Yes planning is key, I see a lot of people don’t value there time to plan. Benefits of planning are the best your project will run smoothly and you will know exactly what you are doing and how you’re going to do effetely develop your business you first need to do a set plan for the beginning stages.
  2. Brief or a daily task list – have a brief for yourself to allow you to understand the project you are doing and the milestones to achieve, each particular task can be crosses off as an achievement.
  3. Meeting and input from others – it is important for you to have people to give their opinions and advise the more you have of this then the better your decision making will be.  A good team and mentors is vital for your success.
  4. Personalization – this is important to apply your own style of working and getting the job done. So whatever it is you do in your approach and work space always apply the things which work well for you.
  5. Personality – out your personality into all that you do, people will like you for you, never try to be something you’re not. Have fun and radiate a good vibe it always helps and brings a good outcome to any situation

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