How to get business?

Aim for business growth in Canada

This is an area in which I – Lee Kavanagh – have always been able to succeed and deliver professional results. When looking back over the years … I wanted to identify why and how have I done this so well. First it suits my personality … sales and business development is for a certain type of person.  I always was a motivated person. Maybe in the past I was driven by values that did not suit my goals and what I wanted to achieve, but this is all the process of learning.

There are a number of tools and skill sets that you need to apply to your formula on how to get business.

Love what you do – Knowing that you are doing what you love to do. If you look at any entrepreneur they all give the same advice. If you love what you do you will not give up … if you don’t enjoy what you do they you don’t see this as work.

The right team – Having the right team or support system how you can develop more business. If you don’t have the right team you will end up back in the same position. Knowing your skills and having a team to get the job done when a project needs finishing on times is a key.

Know what your good at – knowing your skills is vital for the success because you will not try to do everything and be everything to everyone. This does not work so again doing what your good at and having the team with their own individual skill sets is important.
Awareness – this is a virtual point in business development because this will allow you to communicate with your customers and internal team in more effective ways.

Improving and taking time out – to improve yourself and company. It is important to have regular meetings to see what has worked and what has not worked and to see how your services or products can be improved. It’s not always about how much … it is about how to show and give value not only in your service but also in your presentations, and getting your customer/s to see this value in which you offer.

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