Giving customers more than they expect is key to great rapport.

Giving customers more than they expect is key to great rapport!

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Dublin – Just returned home after a long day. We have just completed the set up of increase your sales development & coaching program for three businesses.
Nearly 5 months of planning, development and valuable hard work from all the team.
Giving your customers more than they expect is key to relationship building in any area of business or life.

Because people will trust you, and when they trust you, knowing that you can get the job done, then you can have a customer for life.
We have project managed, developed concepts, implemented and delivered on all projects based on what our clients need.
We have coached them, and brought about awareness on how to develop their business in a successful way.

How did we do this?
We help them to plan, research and use all the information necessary to make informative decisions. Information is knowledge but power is knowing what to do with the information.
At Brand You this is what we do; we help develop systems to give you the results you need in order to achieve a successful business.

Business health check questions:
Do you know your average order?
Do you know how to obtain your average order?
Can you identify the elements of your products or services that can raise your turnover.?
If you cannot answer these questions, then your business needs to change. How? Give us a call.

Completed setup Project 1
Increase your sales development & coaching program setup cloud system.
E-commerce full redesign and launch
API software development & integration to a till EPOS system
SEO & digital plan & coaching
YouTube set up and coaching
Video coaching

Completed setup Project 2
New design of E-commerce wholesale
Completion of setup and implementation of strategy
Increase your sales development & coaching 60 month program
Setup breakdown
Development & coaching on all areas below
New sales system
New management system
New internal controls structures and procedures
Full set of three year projections
Income v Costings
Keyword management
Analytics management
New website
All social media
Sales system
Management system
SEO & digital strategy

 Want to give your customers more than they expect? 

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