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What is digital?

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Nowadays, most businesses use a digital strategy. Why? Because it works! Not only does it save you time, energy and money but it is more effective by measuring the results you need. It takes so much time to do develop your business offline but if you include more of an online presence, you are sure to get better results.

Process definition

In short, digital is about finding the best way of achieving goals, normally promoting a brand or service, through electronic connected media. This could be online on the web, through specialist Internet applications, or through mobile phone applications (both network and Bluetooth connections). Digital consultancy can also tie into traditional media outlets, either as traditional first (bringing an audience into a digital campaign), or traditional last (by using an existing digital audience as content generators).
Digital can also be used to extend the process into a company’s/brand’s inner workings; improving the supply chain, gaining direct consumer or business insight through greater transparency and movement of the underlying data.

Definition by difference

Digital offers brands new opportunities that traditional methods cannot easily match:
Digital does not obey the line
Digital should be cost efficient
Digital can be broadcast and personalized
Digital should always prove returns
Digital can be reactive as well as proactive

Identifying your audience

An established brand should have a good idea of its audience through previous traditional marketing efforts. Digital strategy and the audiences that it can reach should be used as an opportunity to re-evaluate the audience. Digital allows niche markets and subcultures of existing audiences to be targeted at a comparatively reduced overhead. Whilst the success of a digital strategy is not inversely proportional to audience segmentation and targeting, a balance should be reached where the message of a campaign within a strategy is focused enough to be relevant, but wide enough to engage with the correct size population to deliver returns without being too reliant on a small subset of people.

Finding your audience

One of the benefits of digital strategy is the opportunity to segment activity into different spheres and places directly targeted to the location of the audience – or more specifically the personas matching the aims of the digital strategy. Targeting activities in this way can be used to reduce cost whilst increasing efficiency and message for each of the channels based in these locations.

Digital Marketing Platforms

Google : As we know Google is the leading Search engine across the globe. Our Digital marketing strategy will focus basically on Google.  We will use Google Adwords for PPC/Banner Ads/Display Ads/ Remarketing for brand promotion and lead generation.

Facebook: If everybody is on Facebook then why shouldn’t you be? Facebook has 1.15 Billion monthly users and 699 million daily active users. With these huge active user numbers on Facebook, it has become one of the most important tools for brand awareness. We can connect with our users, engage, and influence them with our marketing plan.

Twitter: Twitter has become your status symbol in the Digital world. A product becomes a brand when it has millions of followers on Twitter. Our digital marketing plan will help you to get a good number of active users on your twitter account.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is quite different from other social media platforms. LinkedIn is basically a platform for professionals. We can create a group of our choice and communicate with them on a regular basis.

Yahoo & Bing:  In July of this year, yahoo beat Google in the US market. According to the report, Yahoo sites were seen by 87 per cent of the 225 million American internet users in July. This means that Google’s monopoly is not going to remain for a very long time. Internet users across the world are looking for the alternative and yahoo is the new alternate for Internet users.

Our Digital Strategy will equally focus on yahoo and Bing to promote and create brand awareness for your product.

YouTube: YouTube is a video sharing platform; we will create our channel and promote our video on this platform. Potential users search for various videos on YouTube and we can provide them with the relevant video and Information.

Digital Marketing Activities

Google AdWords/PPC: Google AdWords or PPC is a form of paid advertising on the Internet. We pay Google for each click to our ads. PPC Ads are an integral part of online advertising. People actively search for services and information. We can serve them the most appropriate ads and Information.

SEO: SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an organic form of advertising. Google ranks a website by its link popularity, Domain Age, Website Content. Google has more than 200 factors for promoting a website. These factors consist in complete on-page and Off-page activity.

SMO : Social Media Optimization is a way to connect with your target audience. SMO helps you to promote your product on Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest,

Email : Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing, Your customers check their emails several times a day, and with Email Marketing, you’re there.

Blogs:  Blogs are a good way to provide information about your product.  A blog is a front face for any product; with the help of blog promotion we can keep our potential users informed about the product.

Banner Ads: Banner Ads are meant for branding your product; we can use Banner Ads for brand awareness.

As you can see, using all of the above in your digital strategy is key to your business success. Not only is a digital strategy important but having a SEO strategy, using your website and of fline sales, marketing, PR, advertisements should be a central part of the whole strategy.

That’s where brand you can help you. We have developed a structured strategy to combine all of the above into one package which gives you the results you need..

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