Biggest Key to any Success or Development of any Business

Here’s The number one ingredient in successful business

This is the biggest key to any success or development of any business.

If you are aware of any successful business models they always have customers who return.

Integrity is key and for people to trust you, this should always start with yourself. So if you want to either start a new business or improve your business, here are some main points on how to keep your clients or customers for life.

Prep and plan – this is the first point in development. Always make sure you spend your time in preparation. The more time you spend with this the better the result will be.

Know your client – study, live and breathe your client. When I meet new clients, I always use my long term tools. I look at what they wear, how is their office and within my fact find I always find out what is important to them, their values and needs. This will always help you become a better relationship builder.

Give value – this is quite simple when you remove money out of your mind and give value then you don’t focus on the sale. You focus more on what you can give to the client which will always lead to long term relationships. Like the saying “the man who gives more for his dollar will always have customers”.

Focus on the value – the more you put your focus on your client, the more you give them the impression that you know what you are doing but mostly it shows you care about what you do and what you will do for them. Good business people can sense this and if you want to build professional relationship, this process is a must.

Fact find – in any sales or dealings with clients the fact find is the main process in closing a sale. Spend more time practicing this with questions the better you can become of closing sales and learning about your clients’ needs.

Truth- is the main tool in life and business. When you lie, it will always catch up with you. So when faced with a situation with your client, always tell the truth and correct the problem. Your customers will respect you in the long run. Because none of us are perfect right?

Learn to listen better – after every meeting you have with your client, it is crucial that you have a feedback session with yourself and/or your team. You must review what happened in the meeting how aware you were in your questions and listening skills. This is a constant daily, weekly routine you need to do in order to grow.

Keep it real- never make promises you cannot keep. Don’t over promise what you cannot deliver. In fact, the key here is to revert back to the value chain and always over deliver what is promised.

Take your time- even if it means doing free assessments or more meetings. The more time you give the better relationship you will build. This shows your client that you genuinely care about what you do for their business.

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